My Family!

Family Photo Stress! {Pamela Wyatt Photography}

Well, after 4 years, I think it is time I finally updated my own family photo! I had forgotten how much thought goes into this!! We want a gorgeous image to hang on our wall to capture this magical time in our lives, make us all look ridiculously good and match with our decor! Yikes! Well to start, I got my hair cut – because we all know Mom especially has to like the way she looks in the photos! And I think I have finalized our clothing… choosing a color palette was pretty easy this time around. My daughter has a pretty wine colored dress that I love, so I worked around that.


I also have narrowed down the locations. I would like something more urban this time around, so I was going to use a brick background. I’m not sure if the wine color will stand out enough against the brick, so I will also find a wooded area, ideally with a bit of red foliage in the background! My remote timer arrived in the mail yesterday, so I think we may be almost ready!!! Now all I have to do is convince my husband that it will be fun!!! 😉

Me! {Rhode Island Photography}

Having a wonderful summer with my family in Quebec!


Creative Portraits – Fireflies!

I am thinking about offering concept shoots and tried out this idea with my lovely daughter!

My Own Kids! {Rhode Island Photography}

Finally got my own kids shoot done and should be addressing the cards right now!! Ha ha! Here’s a little preview… Hope you are all taking the time to enjoy the little things this month!!

Spring Has Sprung!!!

I am loving watching the tulips, daffodils, forsythia and lilacs bloom!!!  Book your outdoor session soon!!!

Stayin’ Warm {Pamela Wyatt Photography – Rhode Island}

Hope you all are staying warm and feeling the love this February!!!

Vacation Portraits {Pamela Wyatt Photography – Rhode Island}

We had the opportunity to vacation in beautiful Aruba with terrific friends and found some interesting spots for photos! I love the red phone booth! And it is a working phone – we had to wait 20 minutes for someone to finish their conversation!!!

To My Great Clients, Fabulous Friends and Wonderful Family!

It’s been a wonderful year and I wish you and yours much joy and laughter in 2011!!

Family Portrait Outtakes {Pamela Wyatt Photography – Rhode Island}

This still makes me laugh!!  We never did get a portrait with the dog in it!



All’s well that ends well! We now have this gorgeous canvas above our fireplace!!


Fall is here!!!

That slight briskness is in the air and the leaves are beginning to change color, yes fall is here and this is my favorite time of year for outdoor portraits!

Here are a couple of special photos from autumns past…