It’s Great to be ONE!!!! {Rhode Island Family Photography}

I haven’t even gotten to his cake smash pics yet but I just had to post a sneak peek of this cute little guy!!!


First Communion Photos {Rhode Island Family Photography}

This darling girl might be more comfortable in her soccer uniform, but she was a perfect princess for our photo shoot!





Six Year Old! {Rhode Island Portrait Photography}

I was so pleased to photograph my handsome little friend! And it was really nice to meet his mom too!! He was a real pro in front of the camera – just look at that sweet little face!!!!





Cute Big Kids!! {Family Photos in Rhode Island}

There were probably a zillion other things these two would have rather been doing, but they smiled and showed me some sibling love!!! They have the best smiles!!!


Behind the Scenes {Rhode Island Photographer}

I find it very amusing to know what exactly was going on before, during and right after each photo was taken!!! Here is a glimpse of my lovely assistant doing whatever needs to be done to get a genuine smile!!! And the resulting image!! 🙂



Holiday Photos {Portrait Photographer in Rhode Island}

I love meeting up with this young lady for photos! The rain and wind did not stop us from finding some unique locations in rural Connecticut!!!




First Communion Portraits {Rhode Island Family Photographer}

There were so many great photos from this mini session, I didn’t know which to blog!! This little guy does not take a bad photo!!



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Kids Custom Portraits {Rhode Island Family Photography}

I always have so much fun photographing these two beauties! I also got to photograph the newest, furriest member of their family!!! Soooo cute!!!!!

Urban Family Portraits!

This adventurous family happily followed me around Providence and smiled like pros at all of our different locations!!! What a fun afternoon!!!

Brotherly Love! {Rhode Island Children’s Portraits}

I love these boys!!! Handsome, well mannered and lots of fun!!!

Terrific Twins {Rhode Island Family Photography}

It is always fun to see these sweet twins!!! I told their Mom that their eyes were like liquid pools of chocolate love!!!! You wouldn’t know it from the photos, but we hid Perry the Platypus slippers and a Kindle and suffered an unfortunate bee sting! They were little troopers though!!!

Sweet Little Girl! {Rhode Island Family Photographer}

This little girl was such a sweetheart! We had fun trying to find Tinkerbell and playing with the BIG red balloon!!! A super fun three year old session!!!

Creative Portraits – Fireflies!

I am thinking about offering concept shoots and tried out this idea with my lovely daughter!

Summer Portraits!

I love the soft colors in these pictures! And what a great bunch of kids!!! Here are just a few of my favorites…

First Communion Portraits {Rhode Island Family Photographer}

These sweet cousins looked like perfect angels for their first communion!


Young Man {Rhode Island Photography}

I do not often get the chance to photograph young men!! Many teens are uncomfortable getting their picture taken, but this kid was a natural!

Valentines Portraits in Rhode Island {Feel the Love!}

This adorable and stylish young lady was all smiles for her Valentine’s portrait!!!

My Own Kids! {Rhode Island Photography}

Finally got my own kids shoot done and should be addressing the cards right now!! Ha ha! Here’s a little preview… Hope you are all taking the time to enjoy the little things this month!!

Gentlemen!! {Rhode Island Holiday Portraits}

I love these boys!!! They are great friends of ours and the last thing they wanted to do during their play date was to stop for a photoshoot!!!! So I got my kids all dressed up too and did the four of them!!! Lots of fun!!!

Holiday Portraits {Rhode Island Family Photography}

I had such fun photographing this beautiful girl for the first time last year, and it was a pleasure to see what a gorgeous young lady she has become since then!! I do not think it is possible for her to take a bad photo!!!

Sun Flare? {Family Portraits in Rhode Island}

There are certain trends that come and go in the photography world – remember selective coloring – those black and white images with startling blue jeans and blue eyes?! Something that is popular right now is taking photos with sun flare and haze. I am not sure how I feel about these. On one hand capturing the beautiful light of the sun is glorious. But on the other hand, who is starring in these portraits, the sun or the kids? Sun flare and haze make for soft, dreamy portraits which is quite the opposite of the bold, crisp look I usually go for! So here are a couple of examples of images with sun flare and haze, followed by images in my usual style!!! These kids were the best models! Smiling on cue and braving some rather precarious locations all to find that glorious light!!!

The Twinnies!! {Rhode Island Children’s Portraits}

These two (and Mom & Dad) were real troopers on this beautiful morning!!!  They are absolute sweethearts and their smiles just make my heart melt!!!

Black and White and Cute All Over! {Rhode Island Portrait Photography}

These two are so adorable!!! They smiled, laughed and told some really good stories throughout our session! The textures of these images really show through in black and white!!


Families, fields and fun! {Rhode Island Family Portraits}

I had such fun photographing this beautiful family!! It was fun to scout out locations while on vacation, and they were really good sports to follow me through fields and ditches!! Hope you guys are enjoying being home again after all of your travels!!!