Family Photo Stress! {Pamela Wyatt Photography}

Well, after 4 years, I think it is time I finally updated my own family photo! I had forgotten how much thought goes into this!! We want a gorgeous image to hang on our wall to capture this magical time in our lives, make us all look ridiculously good and match with our decor! Yikes! Well to start, I got my hair cut – because we all know Mom especially has to like the way she looks in the photos! And I think I have finalized our clothing… choosing a color palette was pretty easy this time around. My daughter has a pretty wine colored dress that I love, so I worked around that.


I also have narrowed down the locations. I would like something more urban this time around, so I was going to use a brick background. I’m not sure if the wine color will stand out enough against the brick, so I will also find a wooded area, ideally with a bit of red foliage in the background! My remote timer arrived in the mail yesterday, so I think we may be almost ready!!! Now all I have to do is convince my husband that it will be fun!!! 😉

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